Sustainability and Environmental Practices

Visual Solutions Australia is committed to reducing the impact of our digital printing activities on the environment.

In order to meet this commitment, we continue to meet all necessary regulatory requirements that relate to our business, and keep informed of environmental issues of relevance to our industry.

We use “eco-solvent” and “UV curable” inks, and promote the use of sustainable papers and recyclable synthetic papers, and where possible operate a purchasing policy by selecting green printing materials and services which are more environmentally friendly. We also utilize waste minimization and recycling schemes, including recycling packaging materials whenever possible, and commission “JJ Richards” to collect all paper waste for segregated recycling of trimming and cardboard, and “Veolia” for correct disposal of chemical waste.

To further reduce our environmental impact, we have acquired Dgen Teleios Grande Direct to fabric printing equipment, completely eliminating the need to use paper in the transfer process, and uses only water based ink products.